2013 March

The Magic Ingredient

It’s time to give away the most important trick in the book when it comes to crafting a great interactive presentation. As I said in earlier posts, it doesn’t really matter what opening activity you use to launch your presentation. The key to success lies in how you process that activity directing people to discover […]

A Free Opener for Easter

This week’s free opener is a short drama sketch that is written specifically for Easter. It’s designed to be used at the beginning of your Easter worship service or right before the sermon. It’s extremely simple and requires no costumes, props or sets. Written for three players. I hope you enjoy it. Click here to […]

The Activity

As I’ve explained before, when creating an interactive presentation it really doesn’t matter what you do as an opening activity. The point is to get the audience up, moving around and interacting with each other. In this regard it serves as an icebreaker. It also becomes the foundation for your debriefing process. So in this […]

The Setup

Here we go. Over the next few posts I will be spelling out in detail the step-by-step process of building an effective interactive presentation. As I’ve written in earlier posts, this style will be extremely uncomfortable for most presenters. It is not familiar. Try this: Write your name with your non-dominant hand. Do it right […]

Action – The Key to Interactive Presentations

The most effective presentations…and by effective I mean presentations that actually impact an audience and give them something to remember long after the presentation ends…are those that engage the senses beyond hearing and sight. Yes, that means talking and showing a slide presentation is not enough to qualify as effective. There has to be something […]

Shaken Not Stirred

The next few posts will shake those of you who are professional presenters and completely unnerve those of you who aren’t. In my last post I referenced the teaching of Socrates that we all come as full vessels to the place of learning. The role of the teacher/presenter/facilitator/speaker person is to lead the learners on […]

No Empty Vessels

Socrates taught that there are no empty vessels when it comes to teaching. By that he meant that everyone brings something to the table. There are two approaches to presenting. The most familiar is the one most of us grew up with in our school experiences. A teacher who knew the material would stand in […]


My latest book, The Great Eight, is built on an unspoken assumption. That those who regularly speak in public have a desire to get better at it over time. Perhaps it’s a flawed assumption, but in my experience those who excel at anything are constantly asking themselves, ‘How can I improve?’ This desire doesn’t come […]

Be Better

The Great Eight is my latest book dedicated to the art of public speaking. This book has been released through Smashwords so it’s available to any ereader you have. Later today it will also be available on Amazon in the Kindle Store. This book gives practical tips on the core skills you need to become […]


Last weekend I had the chance to volunteer at one of the largest youth ministry conferences in the country. Serving as a room host was great as it gave me a chance to see professional presenters up close. It also gave me the chance to see one of the great frustrations of the modern presenting […]