2013 February

Step Up to The Mic

One way to announce to an audience that you’re not a professional speaker is to refuse the microphone. While there are certain small group settings where a microphone isn’t necessary, in most situations where you’re standing in front of an audience and a microphone is available you should use it. Microphones are not about being […]

Your Free Opener for the Week

This week’s FREE opener is designed specifically to open a sermon or Christian topic.  However, the drama itself lends itself to a variety of settings where you’ll discuss busy schedules and having too much on your plate. We all keep so busy that it’s hard to see when we might get a break. It starts […]

Use Your Inside Voice

My daughter teaches third grade. The last two years she taught four year old preschool and next year she’ll be teaching Kindergarten. At those ages children are still learning how to modulate their voices. It’s not unusual for my daughter to remind the children to use their inside voices when things get a bit loud. […]

Size Matters

There’s an old story about a young preacher newly installed at a small rural church. One Wednesday a snowstorm blew in and blanketed the small town. Living in the parsonage next door the pastor dutifully trudged to the church for the Wednesday evening service, expecting to find it empty. To his surprise an old farmer […]

Please Welcome Toby!

Since launching Your Best Openers earlier this year it has been my hope to add high quality contributors to this resource. While I think I have a lot to say when it comes to being an excellent presenter, my voice shouldn’t be the only one. So I’ve asked some good friends to consider becoming contributors. […]

Notes or Not

This post is admittedly about an item of personal preference when it comes to public speaking. To share my bias right up front, I’m a no notes if possible kind of guy. I don’t go without them completely all the time, but my preference is to avoid notes. There a couple of reasons for this. […]

Your Free Fresh Opener

Click here to get this week’s fresh opener. It’s another short drama sketch that opens the topic of fiscal responsibility and financial management. If you ever work with financial planning or want to talk with folks about being responsible with the money they have, this opener will prepare your audience for what you have to […]

Honor the Clock

I was at a weekend event for teens once when the featured main stage speaker blatantly broke a cardinal rule of professional public speaking. He was fun and engaging. The kids seemed to like him and I thought his message was fairly good. But at some point he looked at his watch and realized he […]

Discover Your Tics

Last week the annual Grammy Awards show was broadcast. One of the co-hosts was LL Cool J and the day after the event Jimmy Kimmel roasted him for a little tic that he spotted. This clip is hilarious but it highlights the point I’m making today.  We all have little tics when we speak in […]

Watch It

Jim Catlin is a friend of mine and an excellent presenter. He recently commented on one of my posts that he regularly watches himself on tape to refine his skills. This is a habit that every person wanting to excel as a presenter should adopt. Unless you’re a pure, unrepentant narcissist watching yourself on video […]