Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken-not-stirredThe next few posts will shake those of you who are professional presenters and completely unnerve those of you who aren’t. In my last post I referenced the teaching of Socrates that we all come as full vessels to the place of learning. The role of the teacher/presenter/facilitator/speaker person is to lead the learners on a path of discovery where they will fully own the information and be hungry for more. This style is foreign to most and terrifying to many. In many ways it requires giving over a substantial amount of control to the audience. It means having such a firm grasp of your material that you can navigate the interactive process and still make your point. It means you must have a willingness to not only be the presenter but simultaneously sit in the seat of the learner as the audience brings you insights you didn’t previously possess.

I begin this series of posts knowing that many will not be able to make the leap to the presentation style I’m about to unwrap for you. Some stopped taking me seriously when I suggested you step out from behind the podium! But I will reiterate my promise from the most recent post, if you get over your fear and work on the interactive presentation model I’m showing you there will be a dramatic difference in the level of audience engagement at your presentations.

Another hurdle you will have to cross is audiences that are just as unfamiliar and uncomfortable with this style of presentation. They have become accustomed to sitting through lectures while doodling, texting or playing Words with Friends. The interactive presentation style doesn’t allow for this. It assumes that everyone will be involved with the presenter and other participants. So you will get resistance from certain audiences. Pay close attention…THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION STYLE DOESN’T WORK. It simply means both you and your audience will be shaken in the transition.

Are you ready?

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