• Ebooks Available on Amazon

    Your Best Openers publishes ebooks that are great resources for all sorts of presentations. Sermon openers for pastors, openers for business presentations, and more being added regularly to the catalog.

  • Consulting and Coaching

    Tim Kurth is available to help you hone your presentations. With over 40 years of experience in front of audiences of all sizes, Tim can help you captivate the attention of your audience. You’ll be a better presenter whether you speak once a week or once a year.

  • Daily Devotionals

    Each day of the week, early in the morning we post short, thought provoking, Bible based devotions. There’s no better way to open your day than in thoughtful reflection on God’s Word. Click on the daily devotion tab above and start today right.

  • Custom Scripts Just For You

    When you’re looking for the perfect opener tailored just for your sermon or presentation give us five business days and we’ll create a custom opener. We’ll include names, places and other details that will connect directly with your audience. Need it in a rush? Let us know and we can get you an opener is 48 hours or less!

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