2013 January

Hide ‘n’ Seek

Traditional public speaking has long been associated with the podium. Almost any image related to public speaking from a pastor giving a sermon to the President addressing the media shows the speaker standing behind something. So what I’m about to share flies in the face of generally accepted practice. However, if your goal is to […]

Fresh Opener – Free!

Each week we’re giving away a free opener. These will be new drama sketches or activities you can use to open any topic, sermon or presentation. This week’s Opener is entitled ‘Pick Me’ and is a humorous look at teamwork and competition in the workplace. I hope you enjoy reading this as I had writing […]

Fillers – Speaker’s Bane and Audience Pain

In my opinion there is no more painful experience than listening to a speaker who can’t tolerate a moment of silence in their presentation. You know what that looks like. Every possible gap is filled with a sound. Ummm, uhhh, ahh, etc. Or, worse yet, senseless words: you know, like, and so on, etc. I […]

Welcome to Our Launch

Today is the official launch of YourBestOpeners.com. Thanks for visiting and I hope you like what we have to offer here. Your Best Openers exists to help everyone who speaks in front of an audience do it better. I’ve been speaking in public since I was twelve years old, that’s forty two years now! Along […]