Break is Over

head, heart, gutHopefully you’ve had enough time to assimilate what I’ve shared in previous posts. It’s been over a month since anything new has been posted here. That wasn’t intentional, I’ve been working to launch a new business. If you’re interested you can learn about it here. I’m returning to this blog to resume my campaign to help everyone become a better presenter.

The best presentations are engaging. All the techniques shared here are meant to accomplish the goal of engaging the audience. That means the audience connects to your presentation at a subconscious level and internalizes information. If you want people to internalize what you have to share you have to get inside them.

Think about the words we use when describing something that touched us…

  • Gut wrenching
  • Heart pounding
  • Thought provoking
  • Gut reaction
  • Touched my heart
  • Challenged my thinking

Head, heart, gut. These are our internal parts reacting to external stimulus. While a very, very good public speaker can reach all these with the spoken word, the impact doesn’t usually stick for very long. However, if you engage head, heart, and gut with action, music, drama or interaction the audience more fully internalizes your point and it sticks with them for a much longer period of time. Future posts will focus on how to effectively hit these internal targets.

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