2013 March

Your Free Opener This Week

This week’s free opener will challenge most everybody to think way outside the box on how to open a presentation. When was the last time you began a presentation for a team of professionals with a game of tag? Try this opener and follow the instructions to have the most engaging discussion on team dynamics […]

Friends Close – Enemies Closer

Perhaps the title of this post is a bit odd since this is about using a microphone properly. But when you think about it there are those who embrace the microphone and those who shun it. No matter which of these you are it’s important to keep the microphone close if you hope to excel […]

Reporting From the Field

It’s been my distinct privilege for the past few days to be a room host at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Indianapolis. I say privilege because, as a room host, my assignment was to greet people and see that the presenters were taken care of. In addition I was asked to watch the presentations […]

A Real Treat

Buffets are awesome. There’s nothing like an all you can eat buffet, especially when the food is top notch fare. This weekend I’m being treated to a buffet of excellent presenters at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. This year the conference is at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis. Group Publishing, where I once worked, […]